ReSound was started in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1986. ReSound was formed after purchasing technology developed by AT&T Bell Labs. This technology was the first programmable hearing aid and came to market in 1989. Our offices were one of the first in the country to use this device for our patients. Our office performed a study that was published in Hearing Review, the leading professional publication for hearing devices. ReSound also developed thin tube and open fitting technology in 2001. Our office was one of the testing sites for this new technology. We spoke at the 2002 symposium in London regarding this new device.

What's new at ReSound?

Resound LiNX 3D™ The future of Smart Hearing is here.

Smart Hearing™ will change the way you think about hearing aids. They adapt to you instead of making you adapt to them. You’ll hear more than you ever imagined with ReSound LiNX 3D™. On the beach or on the phone, you can enjoy connecting to the world around you with crystal clear sound.

You can use your ReSound LiNX 3D hearing aids just like wireless stereo headphones. And you’ll get a new level of control over your hearing experience-wherever you are.

Enhance your hearing experience. You can personalize your hearing experience to get the most out of your hearing aids with the new ReSound Smart 3D app.

All of this in a hearing aid that is durable, comfortable and virtually invisible on the ear.

ReSound ENZO™ brings smart hearing technology to people with severe and profound hearing loss for the first time. In fact, it is the most powerful super power hearing aid available today. It is the only made for iPhone super power hearing aid, which means you can connect to sounds that matter most through direct stereo sound streamed from your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch without any intermediary device.

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